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The internet is a huge part of most everyone’s life in 2017. Personally, I’m almost constantly playing a game or having something streaming (whether it’s music or video). Despite everyone’s constant connection to the world wide web, many people aren’t aware of Wi-Fi systems outside of the router they either rent or buy from their ISP. In 2017, there’s a lot of great options for Wi-Fi routers. In this article we’ll be focusing on the pros and cons of two of the best, the Wi-Fi routers from Google and Eero.

Google Wifi AC1200 Dual-Band Whole Home Wi-Fi System

Google Wifi

Recently, it seems like Google has been the king of all things internet. Can they take the crown as best Wi-Fi system, too? We’ll take a look at the specifications and features the Google Wifi AC1200 Dual-Ban Whole Home Wi-Fi System offers and determine whether this product is worth your time!

First off, the Google Wi-fi system comes in a pack of three. It’s designed to be placed in multiple high traffic areas of your house for optimum Wifi coverage. No more do you have to worry about a shoddy connection when you’re on a different floor from the wireless router. With three access points to place at your leisure, it should be easy to make sure you stay online and up to speed no matter where you are.

The system is also backwards compatible with 802.11a/b/g/n networks, so you can easily upgrade from your old router. Making the process easier gets Google Wifi big points, especially for those not exactly tech-savvy.

The Google Whole Home Wi-Fi system also boasts up to 1.2 GBPS, ensuring that the router will be able to keep up with your blazing fast internet.

Google Wifi AC1200 Dual-Band Whole Home Wi-Fi system retails for $299 for a 3-pack. User reviews have been overwhelmingly positive, making this system a clearly great choice.


Eero – AC Whole Home Wi-Fi System

Eero Home Wifi

The Eero AC Whole Home Wi-Fi system boasts extremely easy setup. Simply download the Eero app and plug the Wi-Fi system into your existing router. Then you’re all set to go!

Unlike the Google Wifi, The Eero works with a variety of number combinations. If you only need one device to cover your home you only need one, but expanding coverage is as simple as adding another Eero and plugging it in. Your home coverage will instantly expand with no further fussing needed.

The Eero app also lets you see exactly how many devices are connected to your system as well as the true internet speed you’re getting from your ISP.

Eero regularly runs checkups on the Wi-fi system, eliminating the infamous “unplug the router and plug it back in again” that many of us resort to when there’s issues with our wireless internet connection.

Security is also a big pro for Eero with support for WPA2 personal wireless encryption, DHCP, NAT, VPN passthrough, and UPnP.

The Eero – AC Whole Home Wi-Fi System retails for $399 for a 3-pack. User reviews, like the Google Wifi system, are almost universally positive. People really like their Eero systems!


Though these are both great Wi-fi routers and you’d be making a good decision with either, this is the “Battle for Best Home Wi-Fi System” so we have to declare a winner.

Although Google offers a lot of cool features with their Wi-Fi system, I’m going to have to go with the Eero – AC Whole Home Wi-Fi System for the winner of this showdown.

Though the Eero system is more expensive per device, the fact that you can only buy one or expand up to 3 or more if needed really allows you to customize your Wi-Fi coverage to your individual needs. If you live in a small apartment there’s no reason for you to need Google’s 3 point system, and Eero offers a way around that.

The regular monitoring and fixing of Wi-fi signal is another advantage the Eero system has over Google. Never having to worry about resetting your router is a big pro I just can’t ignore.

Winner: Eero – AC Whole Home Wi-Fi System


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3 Video Games About Women’s Health





Video games have transcended entertainment to become powerful tools for promoting health and wellness. One notable genre in this realm is fitness gaming, exemplified by titles like Hatsune Miku Fit Boxing, which motivates players to engage in physical activity to enhance their fitness levels. Building on this foundation, developers have ventured into women’s health with games designed to raise awareness and empower players to take control of their well-being. Here are 3 video games on women’s health that provide valuable health information and foster a sense of agency to uplift women around the world.

Tampon Run – Menstrual health

Created by Girls Who Code alumnae Andrea Gonzales and Sophie Houser in 2014, Tampon Run is an old-school 8-bit online game where the main character, Luna, lobs tampons to destroy enemies, who will confiscate the tampons if she lets them pass by. Interestingly, the concept of weaponized tampons is based on a real incident that occurred in 2013, where Texas state troopers confiscated tampons as potential projectiles, but not guns, from visitors observing a vote on abortion restrictions at the Texas State Capitol. The goal of Tampon Run is to destigmatize periods and menstrual products, which, up until recently, have not been properly studied to measure their absorbency, which underscores the need to address menstrual health so that women can get better care.

In between tossing tampons, Luna shares empowering messages about how periods are a natural part of women’s lives and should not be a source of shame or embarrassment. The game is available to play on the Tampon Run website and can be downloaded from the Apple App Store for iOS users.

PCOS Vitality – PCOS

Polycystic ovary syndrome is a complex hormonal condition and the leading cause of female infertility that affects approximately 5 to 6 million women in the US, according to the Endocrine Society. Common features of the condition include having irregular menstrual periods, hyperandrogenism, and polycystic ovaries. Additionally, some studies estimate that up to 88% of women with PCOS are overweight or obese. While there are weight loss programs helping women tackle PCOS, focusing on aspects like lifestyle, symptom management, diet, and other tips for how to lose weight with PCOS, the condition itself remains grossly under-researched. For some women, it may take years to confirm that they have PCOS, as there are other disorders that mimic PCOS signs and symptoms that must be excluded.

The lack of research has extended to a lack of awareness among the general population and is what clinicians from the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland are trying to address with the 2023 game PCOS Vitality. Essentially a learning tool, the game takes users through a simple obstacle course. As you click toward the finish line, you are asked simple trivia questions about PCOS. The game is free to play on Focus Games’ website.

Bound by Blood – Period poverty

Period poverty refers to the lack of regular access to period products, painkillers, or underwear during a menstrual cycle. In the US, where 16.9 million menstruating women live in poverty, two-thirds cannot afford basic menstrual products. Period poverty has also been associated with mental health issues and urinary tract infections.

Available to play on the website, Bound by Blood was created by Jessica Gates in 2017 and aims to educate players about the reality of period poverty. Users take the character of Beth, a homeless woman who wakes up in her car and realizes that she’s started her period. Players then make a series of choices to try to stay as hygienic as possible in spite of lacking resources such as menstrual products and clean restrooms. There isn’t really a way to “win” the game, and it is instead a peek into the reality of life where period products are inaccessible and how this affects women’s quality of life.

Through these games, players not only gain valuable insights into various aspects of women’s health but also find themselves actively engaged in their own well-being. As developers continue to explore this emerging field, the potential for video games to serve as educational tools and catalysts for change in healthcare remains promising

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Despite popular belief, PS4 sales in the UK skyrocketed last year





PS4 sales in the UK climbed by a shocking 633 percent year-over-year in 2023, so apparently the old system isn’t dead yet. The previous year’s very limited supply of the system is likely a major factor in this figure, since the console’s lifespan was drastically reduced because of chip shortages caused by the pandemic. Still, it’s proof that PlayStation’s original platform has unmet demand.

With the very low prices of PS4 software (both in-store and online at the PS Store), this strategy makes a lot of sense. Plus, it’s future-proof, so there’s no harm in stocking up on PS4s while new-gen pricing is still high, since if you decide to switch to a PS5 in the future, you can transfer all of your purchases across. Not to mention that the majority of new releases still come out on the PS4, with several offering free PS5 upgrades.

While the percentage rise may seem huge, real PS4 sales will probably be much lower. It’s a sign that the gadget, which is now a decade old, isn’t completely dead yet, and we expect it to keep receiving maintenance for a while longer. Of course, this is great news for Sony, because the company would rather have PS4 players playing on its last-gen gadget than none at all, even if it would love to have them upgrade to PS5.

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New PS5 firmware is available for download!





A PS5 firmware update on a cold winter morning is unmatched. The latest PS5 system software update is 23.02–08.40.00 from Sony. Does this one add useful features or just boost system performance?

Though closer to the latter, it’s more than Sony’s favorite patch note. It fixes security issues, improves messages and usability, and boosts system software performance. Official patch notes for this 1.185GB update:

  • We updated system software security
  • We improved system software stability and performance
  • Some screens now have better messages and usability

That’s it. PS5 gets another win to recover from its midweek slump. Do you share our enthusiasm for this firmware update? Comment below. To spice things up, make your comment rhyme.


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