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Greetings techies! We are Geek Reply, a website whose main goal is to bring you all the latest news and updates from within the industry and beyond. What can you expect to find here?

Professional journalism coupled with expository writing for the most part, but we also give our honest opinion or throw in a pinch of humor for good measure when we deem it necessary. Our team is comprised of enthusiasts from across a wide variety of fields ranging from smartphone junkies to camera nerds, and everything in between. But perhaps you were looking for your daily dose of science news or hoping to read about the latest apps. If that’s the case, don’t worry, you came to the right place.

We cover many different topics because everything is constantly evolving and we feel that focusing only on a specific area is simply not enough anymore. Essentially that’s what Geek Reply is all about, gathering information on all the latest innovations and advancements, and sharing what we’ve learned with our readers. Moreover, we also provide a fair share of comprehensive reviews, comparisons, and guides so there’s definitely a little bit for everyone here and all you have to do is just grab a snack and start reading.

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Walking alone in the strange world of the internet can be a difficult task, which is why having some affiliate partners to travel with is always wise. Some of the links found within our articles will lead you to said affiliates, but don’t worry because doing so will not have any direct impact on you. On the other hand, it may have a big impact on us. You see, if at any point you might be interested in using the links to make a purchase from one of our affiliate partners, know that we will get a small commission from every sale. Again, this will not impact you at all since the price of the product or service found within the affiliate link remains the same. In short, the commission comes straight from our partners, not from you, but you will be helping us out in the process.

Another thing that’s worth mentioning is that our partners are well-known companies with a good reputation within the industry and it’s very likely that you have already heard about them by now. Any revenue gained through our affiliate programs will go directly towards covering the costs of hosting for our website and may allow us to make further improvements to our platform.