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Creating the Perfect Muay Thai and Kickboxing Game





I don’t think there has been a sports kickboxing game since the days of the legendary Japanese promotion K-1. It’s a real shame too, especially when there is so much that could be done with it. Today I’m going to talk about my own personal pitch for a kickboxing game that wouldn’t just please kickboxing fans but would also just function as a great game on its own.

As a pre warning, today what you’re essentially going to hear is the fighting equivalent of that super cool possible Marvel game where you get to play as everyone… oh wait, that actually happened.


Well where’s my kickboxing game!?


First let’s talk about the career mode and how it relates to the roster. UFC games have their roster of fighters who are under contract exclusively with them. However this is not the norm in combat sports; kickboxers will fight for lots of different shows and promotions the same way that boxers do and while there are organisations like K-1, which was hugely popular, fighters would come and go in between those shows.

The reason for this is because kickboxing doesn’t typically pay very well, not unless you’re a big superstar, because of this I personally like the idea of being able to fight in lots of different organisations, similarly to how in UFC Undisputed 3 you could fight in both the UFC and Pride, and how in EA Sports MMA (which had fantastic ideas in its career mode but suffered from the combat being awful) you had a large variety of options of where to fight over the course of your career.

My own personal picks would be:




Thai Stadiums


Now for those of you who are not in the know, the differences between these organisations are quite important. K-1 and Glory are the most similar, being big promotions with rule sets that allow limited clinching and low kicks. The Thai stadiums are for full Muay Thai rules fights. In Muay Thai there is a heavy emphasis on elbow and knee strikes while grappling that is not allowed in kickboxing (for the most part). WKA, which is a sanctioning body, historically sanctioned a lot of bouts in which low kicks were not allowed at all.

Having these rule sets all playable would not only open up the options for the roster of fighters (fighters from Glory and K-1 as well as Muay Thai legends and classic full contact kickboxers) but it would also be very easy to implement in game.

Incorporate a stand up fighting system similar to UFC Undisputed 3 in which you’re able to strike and clinch with total control over your strike variety, and using the right analog stick to advance through the clinch. From there, just change the controls depending on what rule set you fight in. If you clinch Muay Thai style in K-1 expect to be broken up after a short amount of time, if you clinch in WKA rules expect to be broken up immediately. If you low kick, elbow or knee in a rule set which you’re not allowed to you would have a point deducted, but you would also have some benefit in that your opponent would have been damaged giving you the option to fight dirty if you’re confident you can get the knock out.

I personally like this format because you’re not necessarily being limited; you’re being expected to fight by the rules the way a fighter would. Rob Kaman, who was known for his low kicks, fought under no-low-kick rules and followed those rules, so you can do the same, or cheat. The choice is yours.

The presence of these different rules would give you more options for role playing in career mode. Where did your fighter start out? Where they fighting in Thailand under Full Thai rules? In Europe or Japan under kickboxing rules? You could pick your starting rule set and choose to fight or avoid other rule sets the way real fighters do. For example you could start off in Thailand fighting full Thai rules and then go into Japanese kickboxing the way K-1 Legend Buakaw did.

If you choose to fight under rules you’re not familiar with you would have to change your training routine to suit them. Your punching power and hand speed stat may be low and need to be tuned up in order to be more competitive in kickboxing as opposed to Muay Thai for example. The training exercises I would ideally include would be ones not unlike what we see in other video games; heavy bag rounds, pad rounds, cardio and strength and conditioning exercises, not to mention sparring drills. The option to train with real life kickboxing coaches such as Cor Hemmers, Thom Harrinck and Lucien Carbine (or gyms like Sitsongpeenong and 13 Coins) would be equally awesome, each gym could teach you knew techniques suck as flying knees, spinning kicks, new clinch techniques etc.

Finally though this brings me to the roster, who would your opposition be? Who would you be able to play as? Well with my idea of having multiple organisations you would be able to fight against fighters from all across the world of kickboxing. Much like EA’s Fight Night series actual licensed fighters from real life would serve as the tough competition as you advance more through the career mode, before that you would be fighting characters that are made with the create-a-fighter mode.

So, my personal roster? It’s one that would make kickboxing fans cream and non kickboxing fans that are still bearing with me through this article scratch their heads. Well here they are from the heavier fighters to the lower weight fighters (with the overall ratings I’d suggest based on my own subjective opinions that have no real science behind them whatsoever, many will disagree with me):


Heavy Fighters

Semmy Schilt 95

Remy Bonjasky 92

Peter Aerts 92

Ernesto Hoost 94

Jerome Le Banner 90

Mirko Cro Cop 88

Bob Sapp 70

Badr Hari 90

Daniel Ghita 86

Alistair Overeem 86

Musashi 82

Kyotaro 82

Akebono 54 (Hey, we could include him as a joke at least)

Ewerton Texeira 85

Tyrone Spong 92

Rico Verhoeven 88

Gohkan Saki 92

Saulo Cavalari 88

Artem Levin 94

Simon Marcus 92

Joe Schilling 89

Alex Pereira 88

Jason Wilnis 88


Lower Weight Fighters

Masato 94

Buakaw 94

Andy Souwer 90

Albert Kraus 90

Mike Zambidis 88

John Wayne Parr 90

Giorgio Petrosyan 96

Yoshihiro Sato 88

Artur Kyshenko 89

Yodsanklai Fairtex 96

Gago Drago 85

Andy Ristie 89

Robin Van Roosmalen 89

Davit Kiria 88

Sittichai Sitsongpeenong 90

Saenchai 98

Pakorn 94

Pornsaneh Sitmonchai 88

Nieky Holzken 90

Joe Valtellini 89

Raymond Daniels 86

Karapet Karapetyan 85

Yuta Kubo 90

Masaako Noiri 90

Mosab Amrani 88

Gabriel Varga 89


Kickboxing/Muay Thai Legends

Samart Payakaroon 98

Sagat 94

Coban Lookchaomaesaitong 90

Sakmongkol Sitchuchok 90

Orono 90

Rob Kaman 92

Ramon Dekkers 92

Dida Diafat 89

Gilbert Ballantine 90

Benny Urquidez 92

Rick Roufus 90

Jean Yves-Theriault 89

Don Wilson 89

Cor Hemmers Not listed for fear he will find me and kill me if it’s not to his liking.


A roster like that would please just about everyone (hopefully) and would be more than enough to fill a game. It’s also a roster that wouldn’t be too expensive to acquire either. There would be more to be included but those would be my personal picks.

I haven’t listed proper weight divisions because weight divisions in kickboxing tend to be a mess, but that would be the call of the developers

Let me know what you think, share it around and hope that maybe one day we can pressure a developer into making it a reality!

I'm a writer based somewhere in the UK, I like fiction, dinosaurs, martial arts, holding hands and long walks on the beach.


The developer of War Thunder says sorry after images of the Challenger space shuttle disaster surface





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According to Eurogamer, members of the War Thunder community, known for their keen observation skills and ability to uncover classified military information, were quick to spot the striking resemblance between the Challenger’s unique debris field and a key art piece featured in the highly anticipated Seek and Destroy update. The Challenger shuttle tragically broke apart just 70 seconds after launch, an event that was broadcast live on TV. This devastating incident marked a somber milestone in American space flight history, as it was the first time that any fatalities were recorded.

It seems that there was a minor mishap, which is quite unfortunate. A spokesperson from Gaijin Entertainment expressed their apologies for this unfortunate error on the game’s official forums: “We deeply regret this and offer our sincere apologies.” Our artists used an aerial explosion reference pack that contained the image, which resulted in the loss of its original context. We will promptly make changes to this artwork and implement measures to prevent any future occurrences of this nature.

Challenger disaster and Seek & Destroy wallpaper line up nearly perfectly
byu/HarryTheOwlcat inWarthunder

Is it surprising to witness such a notorious explosion depicted in the key art of a video game, or are we simply revealing our age once more? We would greatly appreciate your feedback in the comments section below.


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Microsoft is bringing four games that used to only be available on Xbox to other systems. Sea of Thieves was the last of these games to come out. The others are Pentiment, Grounded, and Hi-Fi Rush. Even though things have been going well lately, Booty says that more ports will be dealt with “case-by-case.”

News spread before the port came out that Sea of Thieves was being used as a “key test” to see if more Xbox-only games would be ported to PS5, PS4, and Xbox One. In May 2024, the game was the best-selling PS Store game in both Europe and the US. It also did well in the weekly sales charts.

Aside from the four games that have already been ported to Xbox, nothing else has been officially confirmed. However, news reports say that a lot of exclusive games may be about to come to other platforms. Some say that PS5 games like Senua’s Saga: Hellblade II, Starfield, and a rumored remaster of Halo: Combat Evolved are all being thought about.

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The new game from Danganronpa’s developers is being published by Aniplex, a Sony company, but it won’t be coming out on PS5





The upcoming game from the creators of the Danganronpa series has found a publisher in Sony subsidiary Aniplex. However, it’s worth noting that it won’t be initially released on the PS5. It is highly likely that The Hundred Line: Last Defense Academy will be released on Sony’s system at a later date, just like Master Detective Archives: Rain Code in October. However, the development team is currently focusing on prioritizing the release of their latest title on the Nintendo Switch and PC.

Described as a strategy game, the title allows players to step into the shoes of teenager Takumi Sumino, who resides in the perpetually secure Tokyo Residential Complex. When monsters suddenly unleash chaos upon the town, Takumi finds himself thrust into the Last Defense Academy. His mission? To protect the school alongside 14 other students for a grueling 100 days.

As one would anticipate, alongside the strategic gameplay, it is crucial to foster strong relationships with your comrades. Moreover, the outcome of the game can vary greatly, with a staggering 100 possible endings contingent upon the choices you make. We will reach out to Aniplex to inquire about the possibility of a PS5 port. However, it is important to note that Aniplex operates independently from PlayStation, as it falls under the Sony Music umbrella.

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