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5 Useful Tips To Make Your Password Stronger!





Happy World Password Day, ladies and gentlemen! Today is the day where we get reminded about how secure our password can be. It’s the literal key for our account and personal information, as such, we want to make one that’s tough to crack open.

However, not so many people in this day and age really know how safe their passwords actually are. Not to mention, a lot of people don’t really want to bother about its strength, which leads to data breaches that end up compromising information.

As such, today we’ll look at 5 tips I have for people to take into consideration for future password uses. Considering how today is the day where people need to be aware of how secure their passwords are, I hope this advice helps you in your future endeavors.

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1.- Enable Two-Factor Authentication where Applicable.

Well, I guess I can start by addressing the elephant in the room. Two-Factor Authentication has become a standard in security. It’s an extra layer of verification that makes sure that the user inputting the password is the actual owner of the password.

The most common use of Two-Factor Authentication can be seen in places such as Steam and Discord. However, we can also see that a lot of websites have started to include 2FA as an actual security measure.

One of my recommended apps that enable Two-Factor Authentication is definitely Google’s Authenticator. This allows users to easily implement 2FA measures by having the security token be in their phone exclusively, as such, you can use your phone as the security measure and have people need to steal that from you in order to crack your password.

Password2.- Avoid Using the Same Password Twice.

I am guilty of this to some extent but using the same login information in multiple accounts is a big no-no. While it is nice to have one password you can remember for multiple accounts across different websites, once that one’s been cracked the jig is up.

Sadly, when talking about cybersecurity we must make sure we can’t be compromised. As such, we have to take as many measures as possible and passwords really aren’t meant to be easily remembered when it comes to how they work.

While we’re at the topic, I should also suggest against using repeated characters and letter or number sequences. Usually people think they’re pretty clever by using Alphanumerical Passwords but tend to be surprised when they are hijacked because their password was easy to guess because it had a number sequence (Like “123”) on it.

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3.- Make Up Your Own Words

This is one that I use for the passwords I use in multiple accounts. Once I realized that a word with simple obfuscation such as “p0w3r” wasn’t going to work. I started making up my own words in order to have passwords that are both easy to remember and tough to crack at the same time.

Of course, this means you’ll have to craft your own language and make up a ton of words like “Mantinopuel” in order to have a pretty secure security code. However, it’s better than using “Nutella” as a password, don’t you think?

Is it random? Yes. That’s because Security often requires randomness in order to make the user’s choice unpredictable and tough to crack. In other words, your password should definitely reflect that you are a very tough cookie to handle.

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4.- Always verify your Password’s Strength.

Like I said before, some users tend to think that they are pretty clever when they make their own password but face the grim reality of things once their data has been extracted. As such, it’s always good to verify whether or not the password you’re trying out is strong.

I heavily recommend using websites like HaveIBeenPwnd? or HowSecureIsMyPassword?. Of course, I also recommend taking a little bit more of tweaking like adding numbers and symbols after you’re done verifying that your password is very tough to deal with.

On the note of password strength, a good starter tip is to use Upper and Lowercase letters along with alphanumeric characters and symbols. That way your password becomes a bit tougher to crack, however, that doesn’t mean it becomes completely strong as mentioned before.

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5.- A Quick Talk About Password Managers

A lot of people often bring up the use of Password Managers such as Fastlane in order to have a lot of secure passwords across multiple accounts. However, for those who want to save some space on their HDD’s there are some managers that come in the form of Browser Extensions.

The main problem with these is that, in order to access the passwords you are required to use a single password that’s not recorded anywhere at all. As such, it’s going to be tough for someone to remember a very strong password like “UberP455@Influent6872t” or something along those lines.

However, this also offers protection against such things as Keyloggers, Clipboard Loggers and various other memory spying techniques. Not to mention, it also makes users sigh in relief because it will make them need to only remember one password.

Conclusion: The importance of a strong password

I’m going to go and say that in this day and age where data breaches have become more common. It’s pretty important to make sure our passwords are actually very strong and secure.

We definitely need to always think a step ahead of the hackers and to make our information as inaccessible as possible. The only way to do this is to make a key that’s very hard to clone or crack. As such, we do need to take these measure into account.

Now if you excuse me, I’ll begin to make a few strong passwords for my Twitter and other accounts I love to use. Once again, Happy World Password Day, play safe!

I always wanted to be a journalist who listens. The Voice of the Unspoken and someone heavily involved in the gaming community. From playing as a leader of a competitive multi-branch team to organizing tournaments for the competitive scene to being involved in a lot of gaming communities. I want to keep moving forward as a journalist.


Threads finally starts its own program to check facts





Meta’s latest social network, Threads, is launching its own fact-checking initiative after leveraging Instagram and Facebook’s networks for a brief period.

Adam Mosseri, the CEO of Instagram, stated that the company has recently implemented a feature that allows fact-checkers to assess and label false content on threads. Nevertheless, Mosseri refrained from providing specific information regarding the exact timing of the program’s implementation and whether it was restricted to certain geographical regions.

The fact-checking partners for Threads—which organizations are affiliated with Meta—are not clearly specified. We have requested additional information from the company and will revise the story accordingly upon receiving a response.

The upcoming U.S. elections appear to be the main driving force behind the decision. India is currently in the midst of its general elections. However, it is improbable that a social network would implement a fact-checking program specifically during an election cycle rather than initiating the project prior to the elections.

In December, Meta announced its intention to implement the fact-checking program on Threads.

“At present, we align the fact-check ratings from Facebook or Instagram with Threads. However, our objective is to empower fact-checking partners to evaluate and assign ratings to misinformation on the application,” Mosseri stated in a post during that period.

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Mark Zuckerberg reports that Threads has a total of 150 million users who engage with the app on a monthly basis





Threads, Meta’s alternative to Twitter and X, is experiencing consistent and steady growth. During the Q1 2024 earnings call, Mark Zuckerberg stated that the social network currently has over 150 million monthly active members, which is an increase from 130 million in February.

Threads made significant progress in integrating with ActivityPub, the decentralized protocol that powers networks such as Mastodon, during the last quarterly earnings conference. In March, the firm granted U.S.-based users who are 18 years of age or older the ability to link their accounts to the Fediverse, enabling their posts to be seen on other servers.

By June, the business intends to make its API available to a broad range of developers, enabling them to create experiences centered on the social network. Nevertheless, it remains uncertain whether Threads will enable developers to create comprehensive third-party clients.

Meta just introduced their AI chatbot on various platforms like Facebook, Messenger, WhatsApp, and Instagram. Threads was conspicuously omitted from this list, perhaps because of its lack of built-in direct messaging capabilities.

Threads introduced a new test feature on Wednesday that allows users to automatically archive their posts after a certain length of time. Additionally, users have the ability to store or remove specific postings from an archive and make them accessible to the public.

Threads is around nine months old, and Meta has consistently expanded its readership. Nevertheless, Threads cannot be considered a viable substitute for X, as Instagram’s head, Adam Mosseri, explicitly stated in October that Threads will not “amplify news on the platform.” However, Meta’s social network continues to grow in popularity. According to app analytics company Apptopia, Threads now has more daily active users in the U.S. than X, as Business Insider reported earlier this week.

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TikTok Shop is now introducing its collection of pre-owned high-end fashion items to customers in the United Kingdom





TikTok Shop, the social commerce marketplace of TikTok, is introducing a new section dedicated to secondhand luxury items in the United Kingdom. This move positions TikTok Shop in direct rivalry with existing platforms such as The RealReal, Vestiaire Collective, Depop, Poshmark, and Mercari. The offering has been present at TikTok Shop U.S. for a duration exceeding six months.

The addition of this new category enables clients in the United Kingdom to conveniently buy second-hand luxury garments, designer purses, and various accessories from within the TikTok application. Upon its inception, the platform offers a selection of only five British brands, namely Sellier, Luxe Collective, Sign of the Times, HardlyEverWornIt, and Break Archive.

Since its introduction in 2022, TikTok Shop has generated sales of approximately $1 billion or more in merchandise value. Nevertheless, despite its triumph, some contend that TikTok Shop is undermining the short-form video-sharing platform, alleging that counterfeit and substandard merchandise are inundating the market. The purchase of pre-owned luxury goods online carries the greatest danger of encountering counterfeit products, even for major e-commerce platforms such as Amazon, eBay, and others, which also struggle with ensuring authenticity.

TikTok Shop, like other resale marketplaces, implements an anti-counterfeit policy that ensures a complete reimbursement in the event that a seller is verified to have sold a counterfeit item. Bloomberg has disclosed that the corporation is engaged in discussions with luxury goods company LVMH to enhance efforts to combat counterfeiting.

Every secondhand brand on TikTok Shop in the U.S. must possess certificates from third-party authenticators. TikTok collaborated with authentication providers Entrupy and Real Authentication to verify the authenticity of designer handbags available on the platform.

Concurrently, a representative from TikTok informed me that the five British brands each possess their own internal verification procedure. They declined to provide the commencement date for accepting secondhand brands other than their own.

TikTok Shop’s introduction of a used luxury category is a calculated maneuver to access the expanding market for previously owned high-end goods. The secondhand luxury market is a prosperous industry valued at around $49.3 billion (€45 billion) in 2023, with global sales of pre-owned designer items.

Moreover, this expansion is in line with the growing inclination of individuals towards adopting preloved fashion, and it creates new opportunities for secondhand brands in the U.K. to access a broader client demographic. The prevalence of secondhand fashion on TikTok is apparent, as seen by more than 144,000 TikTok postings utilizing the hashtag #secondhandfashion, resulting in nearly 1.2 billion views.

Today’s statement follows closely after the U.S. House of Representatives passed a bill mandating that ByteDance sell TikTok or else risk a ban in the U.S. This bill seems to be gaining favor in the Senate. An embargo would have a significant impact on American merchants who sell their products on the application. As per the company’s statement, the brief video-sharing application produced a total of $14.7 billion in revenue for small- to mid-size enterprises in the year 2023.

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