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Xbox Announces Exclusive Rare Replay




Rare Replay will include 30 of developer Rare's greatest titles on one disc for $30

Rare Replay will include 30 of developer Rare’s greatest titles on one disc for $30

At the Xbox E3 2015 conference Microsoft has unleashed an unbelievable flurry of exclusive titles. Everything from a Gears of War remaster to a slew of indie titles, but there’s one setting classic gamers excitement ablaze and that is the Rare Replay. A triumphant return of the greatest games from a legendary studio that introduced millions of us to the world of gaming.

This Xbox One exclusive game collection will help us all relive those glorious early days of our gaming careers with titles like Blast Corp and Battle Toads. The Rare Replay will bring together 30 separate Rare Ltd titles on one disc (see a full list below) to celebrate the developers 30th anniversary. That will include the infamous Battle Toads so places like GameStop will have to gear up for all new prank calls.

Tough as that will be for workers at GameStop the Rare Replay is still among the biggest reveals to come out of the Xbox E3 conference. The collections price is just as exciting as what it has to offer, gamers can pick it up for only $30. An impressive price that will catch gamers who were expecting the rumored collection to cost $45 or more.

The Rare Replay price tag isn’t what makes it the stand out of the Xbox E3 conference though, over 700 hours of gameplay and a gamerscore over 10000 points is what made it the toast of the show. No other game collection has offered gamers so much content originally from so many different consoles.

The only thing we have to worry about with the Rare Replay is if the collection will work the way it should. After the miserable launch of the Master Chief Collection it’s tough not to question if this game collection will work any better when it first launches.

Rare Replay game list:

1. Jetpac

2. Atic Atac

3. Lunar Jetman

4. Sabre Wulf

5. Underwurlde

6. Knight Lore

7. Gunfright

8. Slalom

9. R.C. Pro-AM

10. Cobra Triangle

11. Snake Rattle N’ Roll

12. Digger T. Rock

13. Solar Jetman

14. Battletoads

15. R.C. Pro-AM II

16. Battletoads Arcade

17. Killer Instinct Gold

18. Blast Corps

19. Banjo-Kazooie

20. Jet Force Gemini

21. Perfect Dark

22. Banjo-Tooie

23. Conker’s Bad Fur Day

24. Grabbed by the Ghoulies

25. Perfect Dark Zero

26. Kameo: Elements of Power

27. Viva Pinata

28. Jetpac Refuelled

29. Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts & bolts

30. Viva Pinata: Trouble in Paradise

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Battle Pass for Crash Team Rumble is not necessary to unlock new characters; the upcoming closed beta





The competitive multiplayer spinoff of Crash Team Rumble, which will be available on both the PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4, will debut on June 20. A closed beta for the game will be held in the coming weeks, and the good news that character unlocks won’t be dependent on Battle Pass progress was just revealed.

Publisher Activision made its intentions very clear in a lengthy blog post, writing, “New heroes and powers will be unlocked through in-game challenges rather than being connected to the Battle Pass because we want every player to have a balanced experience while enjoying the N. Sane fun that Crash Team Rumble has to offer.” “For those who wish to get a WUMP on the season’s newest looks, Battle Passes will solely reward cosmetic goods; however, cosmetics will still be earnable through participation in seasonal events.”

Those who preorder the platformer/battle royale mix can take part in a limited beta between April 20 and 24. For those who want to jump right in, online matches against other players and practice matches versus AI bots will be offered.

How does Crash Team Rumble strike you? Will you participate in the closed beta test?

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Indie Not on PlayStation Wins BAFTA Game of the Year, Beating PS5, PS4’s Greatest Hits





God of War Ragnarok and Elden Ring were both beaten out for the British Academy of Film and Television Arts (BAFTA) award for Best Game by a tiny little independent title called Vampire Survivors, which isn’t even accessible on PlayStation systems. Do you really believe that?

Putting all lightheartedness aside, Vampire Survivors was something of a phenomenon in 2022, and you would have to be living under a rock (or live offline) to have missed it. It burst into prominence and eventually became a favorite among industry insiders. A fiendishly addictive fundamental gameplay loop hides beneath a deceptively simple exterior, earning developer Luca Galante, aka Poncle, this year’s BAFTA for Game Design as well as another honor.

There hasn’t been any news of the mega-hit coming to PlayStation as of yet, so there’s probably some sort of exclusivity agreement in place or anything else blocking it. Perhaps one day we will be granted access to it, but until then, console yourself with one of the numerous high-end games on our preferred platform, such as The Last of Us, which won Best Game back in 2014.

In slightly related news, Shuhei Yoshida, a PlayStation legend, received a BAFTA Fellowship, the highest honor bestowed by the organization.

What do you think about the Vampire Survivors’ victory—do you believe it was well-deserved or totally absurd?

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On May 17, Crusader Kings 3: Royal Court Expansion will be available on consoles





While we felt Crusader Kings 3: Console Edition was fantastic when it was launched on the PS5 last year, we were only able to play the base game. We are incredibly grateful that the great Royal Court extension will be coming to consoles. This is a regal proclamation that we could not be more delighted to make.

It’s pretty difficult to switch back after you’ve experienced the conveniences and enhancements that Royal Court offers to the well-stocked table, as anyone who has played Crusader Kings 3 on PC knows. It’s not just for show; players will be able to use trophies and priceless pieces of art to adorn their throne room, which adds a minor RPG system to an already magnificently complex adventure.

If you haven’t already and like the basic Crusader King’s experience, we highly encourage you to give Royal Court a try. This expansion is the ideal reason to jump back in for another round of backroom maneuvering. Are you going to create your own royal court?

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