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Alpahbet Inc’s Google is planning on introducing a built in ad blocker to the mobile and desktop versions of the Chrome web browser, according to the Wall Street Journal.

The feature might be turned on by default within Chrome and would be designed to block any advertising deemed unacceptable by the Coalition for Better Ads. This would include Pop-up Ads, autoplaying video ads with sound, prestitial (full screen) Ads with countdown, flashing animated ads and excessively large ads.

There are a few ways that Google might implement the feature. The report suggestions that one option could be to block any and all advertising on a website if it includes even a single offending ad. This method would ensure website owners take extra care to ensure that all advertising on their site is high quality. The second option is to only block offending ads, Google has to comment which, if any, of these strategies it will use.

Why would Google want a built  in ad blocker?

The real question is, given that Google makes a lot of money from advertising, why would they be encouraging the use of ad-blocking software. To understand the reason, we need to put the move into context.

In it’s 2017 report Pagefair estimated that there has been a 30% increase in the number of people using ad-blocking software in 2016. The trend does not look like it will reverse any time soon. Interestingly, Pagefair, a company that helps publishers recover revenue lost due to ad-blocking, also pointed out that methods like “Ad Block walls” were deeply ineffective. While 90% of ad blocker users had encountered one of these walls, 74% of them simply looked for a different website, rather than whitelisting them.

Built in ad blocker

PageFair study showing user motivations for using an ad blocker

The report shows that users are turning to adblockers for a variety of reasons. The two largest concerns are Security and Ads interrupting browsing sessions. Despite the low number citing privacy as a reason PageFair argues that “The genie is out of the bottle and if the industry had taken privacy and data protection seriously this might not have happened.”.

In this context, Google’s move makes a lot of sense. For most users, the problem is not advertising itself, it is the quality of the advertising being offered. The nightmare scenario for Google, who made over $60 billion in advertising last year, would be a mass take up of indiscriminate ad-blocking software.

Instead, Google seems to be planning to use Chrome’s huge market share in order to take control of the ad-blocking business. A built in ad blocker will ensure that users still see Google advertising and possibly reduce the negative reputation that online ads have acquired. Google has a strong interest in users accepting some level of advertising and the current situation undermines that interest.

Google’s move signifies a shift in the Ad-blocking debate and I think that their involvement will be positive. It will force advertisers to up their game or get kicked out of it. Hopefully making the internet a better place for all of us.

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NordPass Review: The Pinnacle of Password Management





In the ever-expanding realm of digital security, managing passwords efficiently is paramount. As someone who values both security and convenience, I explored several password management solutions and found NordPass to stand out as the best among the competition. With its seamless user experience, robust security features, and commitment to user privacy, NordPass has established itself as a leader in the crowded field of password management.

User-Friendly Interface: Intuitive and Accessible

NordPass impresses right from the start with its clean and intuitive user interface. Navigating the platform is a breeze, making it suitable for users with varying levels of technical expertise. The setup process is straightforward, allowing users to import existing passwords or generate new ones effortlessly.

The browser extension seamlessly integrates with popular browsers, offering a hassle-free experience when saving and autofilling passwords. The vault’s organized layout ensures easy access to stored credentials, and the password health feature provides valuable insights into the strength of existing passwords, encouraging users to enhance their security practices.

Secure Password Generation and Storage: Cutting-Edge Encryption

NordPass employs state-of-the-art encryption to safeguard user data. Utilizing the XChaCha20 encryption algorithm, NordPass ensures that sensitive information stored in the vault remains secure from prying eyes. The zero-knowledge architecture means that NordPass has no access to user passwords, reinforcing the commitment to user privacy.

The password generator tool is a standout feature, allowing users to create complex, unique passwords with ease. It considers password requirements of various websites and applications, tailoring generated passwords accordingly. This proactive approach to password security demonstrates NordPass’s dedication to helping users strengthen their online defenses.

Seamless Cross-Platform Integration: Accessibility Anytime, Anywhere

NordPass offers a synchronized experience across multiple devices and platforms. Whether using Windows, macOS, Android, or iOS, the seamless integration ensures that users have access to their passwords whenever and wherever needed. The synchronization process is swift and reliable, eliminating the frustration of dealing with outdated or inaccessible passwords.

Furthermore, the ability to securely share passwords with trusted individuals enhances collaboration without compromising security. This feature is particularly useful for families or teams who need to manage shared accounts without revealing sensitive login details.

Secure Notes and Personal Information Storage: Beyond Passwords

NordPass goes beyond mere password management by offering a secure space for storing sensitive notes and personal information. This feature allows users to keep confidential information, such as credit card details and secure notes, in the same encrypted vault as their passwords. This consolidated approach simplifies digital security, providing users with a comprehensive solution for safeguarding various types of sensitive data.

Competitive Pricing and Value: Affordable Security

NordPass delivers exceptional value for its cost, making it an attractive option for users seeking a balance between affordability and premium features. The subscription plans cater to individual users, families, and business teams, ensuring that a wide range of users can benefit from NordPass’s robust security features without breaking the bank.

Customer Support: Responsive and Knowledgeable

NordPass takes customer support seriously, providing 24/7 assistance to address any queries or concerns users may have. The support team is knowledgeable and responsive, ensuring that users receive timely and effective solutions to their issues. This commitment to customer satisfaction adds another layer of trust to the NordPass experience.

Conclusion: NordPass Reigns Supreme in Password Management

In the realm of password management, NordPass shines as a beacon of excellence. With its user-friendly interface, cutting-edge encryption, seamless cross-platform integration, and competitive pricing, NordPass outpaces its competitors. The commitment to user privacy and security is evident in every aspect of the service, making NordPass the top choice for individuals and businesses alike. For those seeking a reliable, intuitive, and secure password management solution, NordPass stands as the pinnacle of the industry.

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NordVPN Review: A Comprehensive Look at its Performance and Features





In the fast-evolving landscape of online security and privacy, NordVPN has emerged as a leading player, boasting a reputation for robust security features, extensive server network, and user-friendly interface. As someone who values online privacy, I decided to put NordVPN to the test, exploring its performance, features, and overall user experience.

Server Network: Extensive and Diverse

One of NordVPN’s standout features is its expansive server network. With thousands of servers across numerous countries, it provides users with unparalleled options for secure connections. This extensive network not only ensures fast and reliable connections but also enables users to access geo-restricted content with ease.

During my testing, I was particularly impressed by the server distribution. Whether I needed a server for optimal speed, security, or access to specific content, NordVPN delivered. The Quick Connect feature intelligently selects the best server based on my location, ensuring optimal performance every time I connected.

Security and Privacy: Top-Notch Encryption and No-Logs Policy

NordVPN places a strong emphasis on user security and privacy, evident in its use of military-grade encryption and a strict no-logs policy. The AES-256 encryption, coupled with the OpenVPN and IKEv2/IPsec protocols, guarantees a secure tunnel for data transmission. This level of encryption is the industry standard for protecting sensitive information, making NordVPN a trustworthy choice for users concerned about their online privacy.

Equally important is NordVPN’s commitment to a strict no-logs policy. The company is based in Panama, a jurisdiction with no mandatory data retention laws. This means that NordVPN doesn’t store any user data, enhancing the overall privacy and anonymity of its users.

User-Friendly Interface: Intuitive and Accessible

NordVPN’s user interface is designed with simplicity and functionality in mind. The sleek, user-friendly app is easily navigable, making it suitable for both beginners and experienced users. The Quick Connect button allows for instant access to the best server, while the server map and search functionality provide additional flexibility for users who prefer a more hands-on approach.

Additionally, NordVPN’s support for various devices and operating systems, including Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS, ensures a seamless and consistent experience across different platforms. I appreciated the effort NordVPN put into creating a unified user experience.

Performance: Impressive Speeds and Reliability

One of the concerns users often have about VPNs is the potential impact on internet speed. During my tests, NordVPN consistently delivered impressive speeds, allowing for smooth streaming, quick downloads, and lag-free browsing. The vast server network plays a crucial role in distributing the user load, ensuring that performance remains robust even during peak hours.

The specialty servers, such as Double VPN and Onion Over VPN, provide added layers of security for users with specific needs. While these servers may slightly reduce speed due to the additional encryption layers, the trade-off in security is well worth it for users prioritizing utmost privacy.

Customer Support: Responsive and Knowledgeable

In the world of VPNs, prompt and knowledgeable customer support is crucial. NordVPN excels in this area, offering 24/7 live chat support for quick resolutions to any issues users may encounter. The support agents I interacted with demonstrated a deep understanding of the product and were able to provide clear and concise solutions to my queries.

Conclusion: NordVPN Sets the Standard

After extensive testing, NordVPN has unquestionably earned its reputation as a top-tier VPN service. Its combination of robust security features, an extensive server network, user-friendly interface, and responsive customer support make it an excellent choice for both privacy-conscious users and those seeking unrestricted access to content worldwide. NordVPN sets the standard for what a premium VPN service should be, delivering a comprehensive and reliable solution for a safer and more private online experience.

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Now WhatsApp users can log into two accounts simultaneously





WhatsApp launched dual-account support today. You can switch between accounts in WhatsApp.

Mark Zuckerberg announced the feature on Facebook and said it would soon be available.

People used to need two phones for two WhatsApp accounts. The company now allows two accounts on one phone. App cloning lets users use multiple WhatsApp instances on Xiaomi and Oppo phones.

“Helpful for switching between accounts – such as your work and personal – now you no longer need to log out each time, carry two phones or worry about messaging from the wrong place,” the company wrote in a blog post.


Users can add accounts under Settings > Add Account. Your second SIM or multi-SIM phone is needed for setup. Account-specific notifications and privacy settings are available, the company said.

WhatsApp discouraged fake apps to prevent fraud.

WhatsApp added Android passkey support this week, enabling access without SMS-based two-factor authentication.

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