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June Genre Roundup: Anticipated New Releases 2015





Featuring two new offerings from the Wachowskis, scary sequels, dinosaurs and Bradbury a la Spielberg, and zombie rom-coms from the “Gremlins” guy, June has a whole boatload of exciting  new releases for genre aficionados to appreciate. Here is the greatest list ever with all the must-see titles for 2015, or at least for June anyway. Let us know which of these you’re excited about, which of these seem like bad ideas and which you think will be most successful this year. We’re most excited about Jurassic World, because it can be two things: good or excruciatingly bad.

The Whispers (ABC) June 1st


It gets creepy!

Based on the inimitable Ray Bradbury’s story “Zero Hour,” this Spielbergian series plots the course of an alien species trying to gain dominion over the human race by subtly controlling children’s minds. Sounds like these aliens conferred with 80’s cartoon producers before beginning their takeover.

Jupiter Ascending (In theaters) June 2nd


Jupiter Ascending is one of the best new releases of 2015

Those Wachowskis sure have been busy. The first of their two releases this month is a sci-fi/adventure which follows Mila Kunis, an ordinary housecleaner who realizes she’s destined for greatness after bumping into genetically engineered bounty hunter Channing Tatum (one of this month’s themes—see Killjoys). Expect intergalactic hijinks to follow.

Hannibal (NBC) June 4th


This is one of the most anticipated new releases of 2015

With a change in venue to Italy, the ever-diabolical gourmand continues the prequel to his reign of terror in the streets of Europe and his romance with the literately named Bedelia Du Maurier (Gillian Anderson). Perhaps this is where he discovered how delightful his famous liver and fava beans recipe matched with Chianti.

Sense8 (Netflix) June 5th


Sense8 is one of the best new releases on Netflix

In this new Sci-Fi thinker from J. Michael Straczynski (Babylon 5) and the Wachoskis, the minds of eight people are inexplicably linked. As a result, they are deemed a threat to humanity, and must race to avoid extermination. “The Defiant Ones” visit “The Matrix” on the way through “The Shining.”

Insidious: Chapter 3 (In theaters) June 5th


New Insidious is one of the best new releases in 2015

Another round of ghastly fun, as a teenager trying to contact her dead mother conjures up something much, much worse—the unrated director’s cut of “Sharknado 4: The Sharkening.” Maybe not, but the scary franchise does offer up another round of Lin Shaye, which is always a good thing.

Marvel’s: Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D Season 2 (Netflix) June 11th


New releases from Marvel don’t get better than S.H.I.E.L.D

In case you haven’t been paying attention, this superhero stuff is big. “S.H.I.E.L.D” follows an elite group of super-agents around the globe as they try to stop super-baddies. Catch up with the superheroes cadre and their adventures on Netflix and Hulu before the third season begins in September.

Defiance Season 3/Dark Matter Premiere (Syfy) June 12th


TV also has great new releases in 2015 June

Mark your calendars for hours of Sci-Fi fun. As season 3 begins, find out what happens as several newcomers resurrect the Omec overlords. The “Defiance” season starter is followed immediately by the television premiere of two former Stargate writers’ “Dark Matter,” a space adventure based on the comic of the same name.

Jurassic World (In Theaters) June 12th


Jurassic World might be the best new release in 2015. Or the worst.

In all likelihood, someone’s cup of espresso has ripples in it, and it raises no eyebrows—because they’re staying on a dinosaur-infested island theme park. Please someone tell me how this was a good idea? Didn’t you people watch any of the other “Jurassic Park” films? In all likelihood, CGI-dino carnage will ensue. This is the definition of popcorn flick.

Danger Mouse (Netflix) June 15th


Great new releases can be cartoons too.

In preparation for next spring’s reboot, Netflix is slinging all ten seasons of the quirky action/comedy into our nostalgia-hungry eyes. While I do have some trepidation with regards to a remake of a beloved childhood favorite, if they keep a surplus of classics on hand, it might reduce the symptoms of remake fever.

Killjoys (Syfy) June 19th


Who said SyFy didn’t have great new releases prepped for 2015?

From the auteur behind “Lost Girl,” Michelle Lovretta, comes a short-run series about interstellar bounty hunters and the men and women who love them (wait—that second part might be on Springer). The ten-episode spread promises action and smarm as three rogues seek outer space bail jumpers and criminals.

Burying the Ex (In theaters) June 19th


Sadly there aren’t many new releases in horror in 2015

Joe Dante returns to the horror/comedy genre (assuming he ever left) with a clever little story about an ex-girlfriend who simply isn’t ready to say goodbye, even after her untimely accidental death. Zombies may be a touch played-out, but Dante always manages to have fun with any genre he touches.

Honorable Mentions:

Chappie (On DVD) June 16tt (Droid with feelings saves the day)

Dope (In theaters) June 19th (Revenge of a nerd drama)

Star Wars Rebels Season 2 (Disney Channel) June 20th (Fun before a new hope continues)

Mr. Robot (USA) June 24th (Christian Slater and hackers)

Under the Dome Season 3 (CBS) June 25th (Which dome, the Astrodome? The Metrodome? Oh.)

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Netflix cracks down on password sharing worldwide





After a delay, Netflix’s password sharing crackdown is reaching U.S. and international subscribers. After experiencing cancellations in regions where it had already implemented “paid sharing,” the streamer delayed the debut till the summer. U.S. Netflix consumers must either remove people from their account or pay $7.99/month for an additional membership for non-household members.

In weeks and months, many of worldwide markets will undergo similar transformations.

Current members can examine which devices are signed into their account and remove unwanted ones, as well as reset their password, to make this transfer smoother.

A “Transfer Profile” feature lets Netflix account sharers move their viewing history and watchlist to their own account.

Netflix informed investors that despite early cancellations, the password enforcement will benefit its long-term development and financial health.

Netflix co-CEO Greg Peters said the password enforcement in its first supported markets was similar to how subscribers reacted to pricing increases during its first-quarter earnings.

“We see an initial cancel reaction and then we build out of that, both in terms of membership and revenue as borrowers sign up for their own Netflix accounts and existing members purchase that extra member facility for folks that they want to share with,” Peters told investors on the April earnings call. “First of all, it was a strong validation to see consistent results in these new countries, because there are different market characteristics different from each other and also from the original Latin American rollout countries,” he said.

Netflix tested the feature in Latin America before adding Canada, New Zealand, Portugal, and Spain this year. It will reach more global markets today, including Brazil, Bolivia, Belize, France, Germany, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, the Philippines, Malaysia, Israel, Thailand, Taiwan, Switzerland, Sweden, and others.

The corporation may have postponed the crackdown in Q1 to avoid hurting net additions. Last quarter, the corporation added 1.75 million global customers, below Wall Street’s 3 million projection, to 232.5 million accounts.

It announced at results that U.S. members would receive the password-sharing adjustments “on or before” June 30. Netflix may have accelerated the timing.

Netflix revealed on its blog today that it will email U.S. account sharers.

“One household per Netflix account,” the firm advises. “Everyone living in that household can use Netflix wherever they are—at home, on the go, on holiday—and take advantage of new features like Transfer Profile and Manage Access and Devices,” the post adds.

The email, labeled “An update on sharing,” lists options and links to support documentation.


Netflix explains in a press email that it is “now starting to roll out updates to sharing to countries around the world, including the U.S.”

Netflix has yet to see the effects of a password crackdown in the U.S., where it faces increased competition for users’ time and money.

Today, HBO Max becomes Max, a new service that combines HBO and Discovery+ content, doubling the amount of programming. Paramount+ will add Showtime next month on June 27. Disney plans to merge Disney+ and Hulu into one app. Subscribers get more content with some price increases. Netflix is charging more for the same.

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WGA Strike Halts HBO’s The Last of Us Season 2 Casting





The insanely successful Last of Us adaptation is caught in the crossfire of the Writers Guild of America strike. The hit show’s co-creator and showrunner, Craig Mazin, was seen on the picket line supporting the strike, halting season two casting (GQ has a great primer).

Variety reports that casting preparations will be halted until the strike ends. Due to a lack of scriptwriters, the casting team has reportedly asked actors to read lines from The Last of Us: Part II, the game that will inspire the upcoming season.

It’s too early to tell, but Vancouver shooting is expected to resume in early 2024. The first season’s seventh episode, “Left Behind,” was written by Naughty Dog co-president Neil Druckmann, who also created the IP. Mazin wrote the rest. They co-wrote the series premiere and finale.

HBO’s The Last of Us: Will the writer’s strike last? Take care of your writers—Lost and Heroes never recovered from the last WGA strike.

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Orlando Bloom and David Harbour Share the Gran Turismo movie’s first trailer





Well, this movie has certainly come together quickly, just like the automobiles the franchise is centered around. In truth, Gran Turismo adaptation directed by Neil Blomkamp has already wrapped up filming and is in post-production ahead of its global theatrical release on August 11, 2023. Do you want to see a brief teaser? To view the trailer, click above.

Orlando Bloom and David Harbour provide some comments in this 60-second clip, which also includes a few brief film snippets. In essence, this is based on the real-life experiences of Jann Mardenborough, who won the 2011 GT Academy competition and later found success as a racing car driver.

In the few photos that were displayed, the cinematography seemed amazing, therefore it is obvious that this would look stunning on a large screen. During Sony’s CES press conference, Blomkamp briefly discussed how he is employing the company’s cutting-edge cameras to not only get stunning close-ups from within the car’s cockpit but also to imitate some of the game’s angles, as shown in the trailer.



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