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10 Best FREE iOS & Android RPG Apps 2018




10 Best iOS RPG Apps 2018

While battle royale games may be all the rage these days, there’s still plenty of gamers out there who are looking for some deeper RPG experiences. There are plenty of RPGs that are available on iOS and Android devices, and these 10 games should keep you occupied and satisfied for the foreseeable future. From simulation games to full-blown epic adventures, this list should offer a little something for every kind of RPG gamer. All of these games are also free, so you’ll be able to get a quality mobile RPG experience without spending even a single penny.

Game of Sultans

Game of Sultans (iOS | Android)

This empire simulator RPG puts you in control of a king in control of Europe and the Middle East. You will take part in brutal wars that require plenty of strategy, manage your empire, romance queens. forge alliances and much more. The game certainly has plenty of variety, and should scratch that simulation RPG itch perfectly.

Lords Mobile

Lords Mobile: War Kingdom (iOS | Android)

This open-world RPG multiplayer game tasks you with creating the biggest empire that you can to restore the balance of power that was decimated by those greedily seeking power. The world is now split into factions and guilds, with all matter of evil creatures materializing more than usual. You must explore and conquer what lies before you, teaming up with others and defending your territory. It’s up to you to vanquish evil and build an empire.

Marvel Strike Force

Marvel Strike Force (iOS | Android)

This one will appeal to superhero fans greatly, as it allows you to take control of a cast of characters spanning the vast marvel lineup. This include the likes of Spider-Man, Doctor Strange, Captain America, Iron Man and much more. You’ll team these characters up to take on an all-new enemy threat, all in an attempt to save earth. You can also upgrade your characters and change up their appearances, allowing you to take on greater and greater threats and look good in the process.

Dragon City Mobile

Dragon City Mobile (iOS | Android)

Fans of Dragons are going to find a lot to like here, as Dragon City Mobile lets you train fire-breathing dragons to do your bidding. It’s your job to build a city that is filled with structures, habitats and lots of dragons. Of course, your city is never safe from harm, so you’ll need to train and evolve your dragons in order to defend your home. You’ll also be able to team up with other Dragon Masters to make life a little easier. There are over 500 dragons to breed and collect, so this one will keep you busy.

Era of Celestials

Era of Celestials (iOS | Android)

The Celestials are in trouble as the enemy marches upon the gate of the last bastion, and it is up to you to take the Path of Vanquisher and save them. Players will hunt bosses and gain crafting materials to create new equipment, with combat being both 1v1 duels and multiplayer combat. The game also features an interesting Celestial transformation system, which allows players to transform into powerful beings and deal massive damage to their enemies.

Maze Shadow of Light

Maze: Shadow of Light (iOS | Android)

Those looking for a little more action in their RPG experiences need look no further, with Maze: Shadow of Light bringing action in droves. The game features a unique tag action system, allowing players to swap between Heroes and Guardians on the fly to pull off dazzling combos in combat. The game’s campaign features 50 stages in total, as well as an arena mode to provide dozens of hours of gameplay.

Monster Legends

Monster Legends (iOS | Android)

If you’d rather control a variety of monsters than your traditional human heroes, then this game is for you. Monster Legends has you breeding, raising and training a squad of monsters to prepare them for epic battles. The game is a strategy-based RPG fighting game, allowing you to level up your monsters along the way. You’ll have to use the best monsters for each situation, with attackers, tanks and effect monsters each having strengths and weaknesses.

Hustle Castle

Hustle Castle: Medieval Life (iOS | Android)

This humorous RPG puts you in control of a medieval castle. You must recruit new subjects and then assign them to their duties, all while protecting your people. You must upgrade your fortress against the threat of your rivals, which includes the likes of Grav the Mighty Brainpan, OM-NOM and the Abyss Lord. The game contains hundreds of missions for you to take on by yourself, though there is also a multiplayer mode that lets you take on other players.

Be The King

Be The King (iOS | Android)

This game has you controlling an imperial Chinese official aiming to climb to the top of the imperial heap. You’ll have retainers and confidants who will help you along the way, who each have their own unique skills and talents. You’ll also be able to romance women and raise your offspring, who will eventually bring you more power. Online multiplayer events are also included, allowing you to collaborate with others to win battles.

Final Fantasy 15 Pocket Edition

Final Fantasy 15: Pocket Edition (iOS | Android)

Last but not least we have a simplified version of the fantastic Final Fantasy 15 via the Pocket Edition. The game amazingly is able to boil the original game down into 10 chapters, retaining all of the most important moments that fans of the original game know and love. It is able to do this by offering less graphically-demanding chibi visuals, as well as a simplified battle system that can be handled entirely with touch controls. Newcomers who don’t have the platforms necessary to experience the original game should jump on this, but even those who do will want to give this a look and experience this great game in a brand new way.

That wraps up our picks for some of the best mobile RPG experiences you can have in 2018, but now we’re giving the floor to you. Are there any RPG apps that you’re loving this year that aren’t on this list? If so, let us know in a comment below!

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Pixel 8 Pro runs Google’s generative AI models





Rick Osterloh, Google’s SVP of devices and services, says the Pixel 8 Pro will be the first hardware to run Google’s generative AI models.

At an event today, Osterloh said the Pixel 8 Pro’s custom-built Tensor G3 chip, which accelerates AI workloads, can run “distilled” versions of Google’s text- and image-generating models to power image editing and other apps.

Osterloh said, “We’ve worked closely with our research teams across Google to take advantage of their most advanced foundation models and distill them into a version efficient enough to run on our flagship Pixel.”

Google improved Magic Eraser, its photo-editing tool, to remove larger objects and people smudge-free using on-device models. Osterloh claims that this improved Magic Eraser creates new pixels to fill in shot gaps, producing a higher-quality image.

Osterloh says a new on-device model will “intelligently” sharpen and enhance photo details, improving zoom.

On-device processing benefits audio recording. The Pixel 8 Pro’s recording app will soon summarize meeting highlights.

Gboard will use a large language model on the Pixel 8 Pro to power smart replies. Osterloh claims that the upgraded Gboard will provide “higher-quality” reply suggestions and better conversational awareness.

Osterloh said an update in December will add on-device generative AI features except for Magic Eraser, which appears on the Pixel 8 Pro at launch.

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Telegram launches a global self-custodial crypto wallet, excluding the US





Telegram, with 800 million monthly users, is launching a self-custodial crypto wallet. The move will solidify its presence in the vibrant crypto community that has grown from its chat platform and may attract more people to crypto.

Telegram and TON Foundation announced TON Space, a self-custodial wallet, on Wednesday at Singapore’s Token2049 crypto conference, which draws over 10,000 attendees.

Telegram has a complicated blockchain relationship. After the SEC sued Telegram over a massive initial coin offering, the chat app abandoned its Telegram Open Network (TON) blockchain project in 2020. The Open Network Foundation (TON Foundation), founded by open-source developers and blockchain enthusiasts, supports the development of The Open Network (TON), the blockchain powering a growing number of Telegram applications, including the wallet.

The Open Platform (TOP) and TOP Labs, a venture-building division, created the TON-based wallet.

TON Space will be available to Telegram users worldwide without wallet registration in November. The U.S., which has cracked down on the crypto industry and promoted many crypto apps to geofence users, is currently excluded from the feature.

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Google’s massive antitrust trial begins, with bigger implications





The Justice Department’s landmark antitrust case against Google began in court today, setting off a months-long trial that could upend the tech world.

At issue is Google’s search business. The Justice Department claims that Google has violated antitrust laws to maintain its search title, but the company claims that it does so by providing a superior product.

The Justice Department sued Google for civil antitrust in late 2020 after a year-long investigation.

“If the government does not enforce the antitrust laws to enable competition, we will lose the next wave of innovation,” said then-Deputy Attorney General Jeffrey A. Rosen. “If that happens, Americans may never see the ‘next Google.’”

A large coalition of state attorneys general filed their own parallel suit against Google, but Judge Amit Mehta ruled that the states did not meet the bar to go to trial with their search ranking complaints.

The search business case against Google is separate from a federal antitrust lawsuit filed earlier this year. The Justice Department claims Google used “anticompetitive, exclusionary, and unlawful means” to neutralize threats to its digital advertising empire in that lawsuit.

Justice Department attorney Kenneth Dintzer set the stakes for the first major tech antitrust trial since Microsoft’s late 1990s reckoning on Tuesday. “This case is about the future of the internet, and whether Google’s search engine will ever face meaningful competition,” Dintzer said.

Beginning the trial, the government focused on Google’s deals with phone makers, most notably Apple, that give its search product top billing on new devices. Dintzer claimed that Google maintains and grows its search engine dominance by paying $10 billion annually for those arrangements.

“This feedback loop, this wheel, has been turning for more than 12 years,” he said. “And it always benefits Google.”

Google lawyer John Schmidtlein refuted that claim, hinting at the company’s legal defense in the coming weeks.

“Users today have more search options and more ways to access information online than ever before,” Schmidtlein said. Google will argue that it competes with Amazon, Expedia, and DoorDash, as well as Microsoft’s Bing search engine.

Google planted the seeds for this defense. According to internal research, Google Senior Vice President Prabhakar Raghavan said last year that more young people are using TikTok to search for information than Google Search.

In our studies, almost 40% of young people don’t use Google Maps or Search to find lunch, Raghavan said. “They use TikTok or Instagram.”

Google will be decided by U.S. District Judge Amit Mehta in the coming months. We’re far from that decision, but the company could be fined heavily or ordered to sell parts of its business.

The trial could change Google’s digital empire if the Justice Department wins. Other tech companies that dominated online markets in the last decade are also watching. If the government fails to hold an iconic Silicon Valley giant accountable, big tech will likely continue its aggressive growth trajectory.

If the Justice Department succeeds, the next decade could be different. The industry-wide reckoning could cripple incumbents and allow upstarts to define the next era of the internet, wresting the future from tech titans.

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