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Everything You Need to Know About This Year’s ‘Hellboy’ Reboot





Fans of the most famous demon on Earth can finally rejoice, as the long-awaited third Hellboy film is finally coming to the big screen. On April 12, fans of the gory franchise will be lining up around the block to catch the hotter-than-hell shoot ’em up action in all of its glory.

It has been a full decade since the last installment of the film, Hellboy II: Golden Army, which grossed $75 million according to Box Office Mojo, leaving us wondering why we’ve had to wait so long for another film.

This latest edition will be a major departure from the previous films in almost every single way, which has left fans divided and anxious in equal measure. Here’s everything you need to know about this year’s Hellboy reboot.

The Essentials

The most important thing to know is that Hellboy won’t be anything like the previous two films. The undisputed king of horror Guillermo del Toro will not be returning as director, citing a number of “creative differences” between himself and the studio. As a result, the original star of the Hellboy series Ron Perlman is also out, given his well-known loyalty to the famous director.

As such, we can expect a very different flavor of film this time around. One thing that’s certain is that the sequel to Hellboy II just isn’t happening, period. The mega-studio bankrolling the operation, Lionsgate, expressed concern that attendance to the last film was way too low to justify the $85 million production costs and figured it was time for a change of pace.

The new film has been directed by British director Neil Marshall, also known as the creative genius behind horror classics such as Dog Soldiers and Descent, as well as some of the most acclaimed episodes of Game of Thrones. In true form, this reboot is being released as an R-rated film, although judging by the trailer, it looks like there’ll be plenty of that quintessential Hellboy humor.

Who’s Who

The plot details of the film have been kept strictly confidential, so we know little aside from the fact that it’s largely filmed and set in London. What we do know for sure is the full cast, which is packed with instantly-recognizable names from the world of horror and beyond.

Ian McShane, perhaps best known for his stellar roles in Deadwood and American Gods, will be taking over as Trevor Butteholm, the academic who serves as Hellboy’s guardian angel. Horror queen and Resident Evil star Milla Jovovich will be doing her thing as the evil Blood Queen, an ancient witch who has been trapped in Hell for 1500 years.

Sasha Lane, star of American Honey, will be playing Alice Monaghan, the young girl rescued by Hellboy as a baby who is now his loyal sidekick. As for the main man himself, he’ll be played by David Hopper, an up-and-comer most well-known for his role in the Netflix hit series Stranger Things and his memorable appearance in Suicide Squad.

A Whole New Franchise?

If you don’t recognize Hellboy from the previous films, you’ll almost certainly know his face from the sprawling multi-million dollar franchise and multimedia empire spawned by the original graphic novel. There was the hit 2007 Cartoon Network animated series, Blood and Iron which garnered a large audience of adults and children alike.

Then there are the multiple smash-hit video games, such as the Science of Evil PS3 Title released by Resident Evil producers Konami and the Tooth Fairy Terror iPhone game by Tuesday Creative. The franchise even expanded into the world of online casino gaming, with the Hellboy reels being one of the most popular Betway online slots around.

The question now is whether this reboot means we can expect an entirely new franchise, complete with merch, video games, novels, and the rest. Facts are pretty thin on the ground at the moment, which means that Lionsgate might be waiting this out to see if enough filmgoers turn up before they consider any licensing agreements. Any and all Hellboy content is good in our eyes, so we’ll keep our fingers crossed.

What the Internet is Saying

The fanbase has so far given some mixed reactions to the upcoming film. It’s no secret that people were very excited for a sequel to Hellboy II, which had been promised to fans almost a decade ago as something that “needed to happen” in the words of del Toro.

Much of the Twitter and Reddit commentary at the moment is an equal mixture of lamentation over the lack of a sequel and cautious optimism, given the hugely talented director and main cast. The R-rating also suggests that fans may still be getting what they originally wanted – a much darker Hellboy film series which more closely resembles the source material from the comic books.

Only time will truly tell, and with this film just around the corner, you won’t have to wait long to see for yourself.

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Geek Culture

In the TV show Fallout, would the “rule of thumb” really work?





Walton Goggins’ character, who plays someone in the first episode of the new TV series Fallout on Amazon, mentions a “rule of thumb” when it comes to nuclear explosions.

According to the character known as “The Ghoul,” he learned in military school that if you raise your thumb and extend your arm toward the blast, you can tell if you are going to live or die. According to the rule, some Americans will be safe from the radioactive fallout if the mushroom cloud is smaller than their thumb. If the mushroom cloud is bigger than their thumb, they won’t be as lucky.

Many other survivors will probably ask you why you’re giving a mushroom cloud the big thumbs up. Is it worth it?

The idea has been looked into a bit thanks to the Fallout video game series, which caught the attention of physicists in their first year at the University of Leicester. They had heard a false rumor that the show’s mascot, Vault Boy, was giving a happy thumbs up to show support for the thumb rule. They wanted to find out if the rule was true.

The team looked at smaller blasts that would fit with the setting of the show and chose a 15-kiloton blast, which is the same size as the blast that happened when the US dropped “Little Boy” on Hiroshima. The first thing the team did was figure out how far away you would have to be from the mushroom cloud for your thumb to cover the blast. They came up with a number that was about 12.6 kilometers (7.8 miles).

“Assuming the detonation occurred on the ground, the radius for avoiding all burns is 4.67 km [2.9 miles] away from the blast center, and the radius for radiation sickness symptoms is 1.56 km [0.97 miles],” the team said in their paper. “This would mean that you would be safe from the initial blast effects of radiation and burns.”

Even though you just saw a nuclear explosion nearby, that doesn’t mean you are safe. And that’s before you worry about nuclear winter. The radiation coming at you from the wind should be your main concern.

“Assuming an average wind speed of 24 km/h, the fallout would reach you within approximately half an hour if you were to be standing directly upwind.”

Getting caught in this wind will give you enough rads to make you sick. One more rule, though: run like hell. This might help you lower your dose.

“This investigation showed that if a 15-kiloton nuclear bomb was to detonate and your thumb extended at an arm’s length just covered the blast, you could survive most negative radiation effects by running laterally in the direction of the wind for a minimum of 1.65 km [1 mile] in half an hour, given that you are standing directly upwind from the blast,” the team said.

But this only works for a blast much smaller than the weapons the world has now. And even for smaller blasts, the rule probably won’t help because of the radiation that is released into the air and the fact that the wind can change quickly. Ruth McBurney, who is the executive director of the Conference of Radiation Control Program Directors in Frankfort, Kentucky, told Inverse that “shelter is the best thing to do if you think you might be in a place where fallout might be present or coming.”

More plans call for temporarily taking refuge in whatever is available, and then moving to better nearby shelters about 30 minutes after the blast. There are, of course, official rules about what to do during a blast. In short, you should stay inside and away from windows, wash your hands, and wait for more instructions. Please don’t condition your hair while you’re doing that.

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Sony is reportedly engaged in discussions to form a partnership for a potential bid on Paramount





There hasn’t been much buzz lately about any new acquisitions in the world of video game intellectual property. According to a recent report, Sony is currently engaged in discussions with a well-funded partner to potentially acquire the renowned film studio Paramount, along with all the exciting possibilities that come with such a merger.

As reported in the New York Times (thanks, ResetEra), Sony Picture Entertainment is reportedly in discussions with Apollo Global Management, an investment firm, as per two sources familiar with the matter. In the past, Apollo had made an offer to acquire Paramount for a minimum of $26 billion, but their bid was ultimately turned down.

The terms of the joint bid are currently under discussion, and there is a chance that the two parties may decide against making a formal offer. Unnamed sources have revealed that Paramount is currently in exclusive discussions with Skydance, preventing any official offer from being made at this time. Investor opposition to the recent deal that Skydance brought seems to have been significant.

The potential impact of such an acquisition is immense. First and foremost, it would introduce adaptations of Sonic and Halo into the expanding media empire of the PlayStation platform holder. Following the announcement, Paramount’s stock experienced a significant 11% surge in after-hours trading.

What are your thoughts on the news? Is there a possibility of Sony acquiring Paramount? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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Geek Culture

Fallout Season 2 has been confirmed as the show continues to captivate audiences, making it one of Amazon’s most-watched series





Amazon has just made the exciting announcement that a second season of the highly acclaimed Fallout TV adaptation is in the works. Fans can look forward to another thrilling installment of the series, which will be exclusively available on the Amazon Prime streaming service. Confirmation has arrived regarding the second batch of episodes for the series, following the acquisition of $25 million in Californian tax credits.

In just four days after its release, Fallout has already captivated audiences, quickly becoming one of Amazon Prime’s most-watched TV shows of all time. It has garnered immense popularity, rivaling even the acclaimed season of The Lord of the Rings: Rings of Power.

The Fallout TV show has caused a massive surge in sales for the newer games, resulting in a staggering 7,500% increase in purchases of Fallout 4 in Europe. Fallout 76, Fallout 3, and Fallout: New Vegas were also among the top 10 best-selling games across the continent last week. Next week, the highly anticipated PS5 version of Fallout 4 will be released, offering players an enhanced visual experience with new graphical modes. Additionally, players can look forward to exciting new content from the Creation Club.

Considering the potential for character development and narrative arcs, it would be intriguing to see where season two takes Lucy, Maximus, and The Ghoul. Without revealing any spoilers, it’s exciting to speculate on the possible directions their stories could go. We would greatly appreciate your feedback in the comments section.

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