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GOP Silence is as Terrible as Trump Supporters’ Willful Disregard of Facts




GOP silence

I am trying very hard to remain objective and wait for proven facts before condemning the Trump campaign/administration for the alleged collusion with Russia. I continue to wait for evidence even after the recent revelations by Donald Trump, Jr., regardless if his excuses change on a daily basis. However, while I wait for facts from Robert Mueller’s investigation, I am dumbfounded at the GOP’s lack of a response and Trump supporters’ continued rejection of a serious issue.

GOP Silence

My incredulity grows hourly at the GOP’s blatant disregard about possible Russian interference in America’s presidential election. The Republican Party describes itself as the champion of American conservatism. What is more sacred to conservative values than the American democratic process? Furthermore, the GOP has a history of serious condemnation of communism and anything anti-democratic. The GOP was a strong supporter of Senator Joseph McCarthy’s investigation of alleged communists during the 1950s. The party continued by characterizing itself as the true champion of American democracy during the Cold War.

On at least two occasions (2010 and 2016) Senator Ted Cruz embraced comparisons with McCarthy, likening himself to a defender of American democracy. Likewise, former Congressman Todd Akin compared himself to McCarthy. Meanwhile, Congressman Steve King has proposed reviving the House Un-American Activities Committee. Furthermore, former Congresswoman Michelle Bachmann wanted to start investigations to determine pro-American and anti-American members of Congress.

Treason for an Email Server but not for Collusion?

Nevertheless, the GOP has remained silent about alleged collusion between Russia and the Trump campaign. If the accusations are true, then we have a presidential campaign that willingly worked with a foreign government. But not just worked, actually used the information to manipulate the democratic process. Indeed, it is not just any government, but one of the USA’s primary adversaries. Moreover, democracy is a fundamentally conservative and sacred process that defines America and American values. And yet the GOP remains silent.

Conversely, they were quite loud in calls to prosecute Hillary Clinton for using an email server, and hers was a passive incident. Congressman Mike McCaul even accused her of treason for putting American security at risk. While her choice of using an improperly protected email server was not smart, the FBI investigation concluded that while hacking was probable, there was no direct evidence. In contrast, there is direct evidence that members of the Trump campaign/administration did, in fact, meet with individuals with strong ties to the Russian government.

Perhaps the party is too busy kowtowing to the President to realize the blatant hypocrisy their silence displays. In spite of the GOP controlling both House and Senate, the party has shown absolutely no backbone on pressing the Trump administration to provide information and answers. Vocal opposition to the alleged collusion is a perfect opportunity to show loyalty to America rather than to party. Indeed, the GOP representatives are not in office to protect the president. Rather, they’re in office to protect Americans and the sanctity of American democracy.

Trump Supporters – overall incredulity or absolute hatred of the other?

Trump supporters exasperate me even more than the GOP elected representatives. Yesterday, the organization Public Policy Polling released the results of a recent poll with astounding results. 32% of Trump supporters believe that the meeting between Donald Trump, Jr. and the Russian lawyer never even happened. Another 24% say that they’re not sure if it happened. If the Republican party touts itself as the protector of American democracy, it doesn’t appear that Trump supporters agree because 72% say that the Russian story is fake news. Even more revealing is that 64% are opposed to any kind of investigation. Further supporting this lack of support for the American democratic tradition is that 77% of Trump’s supporters say that even if the story is true and there is proof of collusion, he should still stay in office and not undergo prosecution.

American Democracy is a Defining Characteristic

I am at an absolute loss about how these numbers can even exist. The meeting did happen, something that Donald Trump Jr. has admitted and proven by his own tweets. It is horrifying to know that a large number of Trump supporters choose the president over the country. Choosing a leader over the country is not a conservative American value. Instead, such behavior is exactly what conservatives scold non-democratic countries for exhibiting. Furthermore, the large proportion of Trump supporters who do not think that there should be any penalty even if the story is true is appalling.

Let me get this straight. The same people who want to make America great again will look the other way if the investigation proves collusion with one of America’s premier adversaries. Such belief in no way helps make America great, it does the exact opposite and undermines faith in the system and the sanctity of the democratic process. In addition, it destroys American credibility in any future accusations about voting irregularities made against other countries. Likewise, it displays absolute hypocrisy and further proves the stereotype of the Trump supporter.

I cannot help but hope that there is undeniable evidence if the allegations are true. If the allegations prove false, I am still disturbed that a section of the voting public has chosen a man over the system. I do retain hope that soon somebody in the GOP will actually show backbone and represent the citizens.

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How can you determine the realistic value of your property?





As a homeowner in the UK, determining the realistic value of your property is a critical step whether you plan to sell, refinance, or are merely curious about its current market worth. The UK property market is dynamic, influenced by various factors that can make it challenging to accurately assess the value of your home. However, seeking the expertise of an estate agent and obtaining a free property valuation can provide valuable insights to help you make informed decisions about your property. In this article, we will explore effective strategies, with input from UK estate agents, that can assist you in determining the realistic value of your property.

  1. Engage a Reputable Estate Agent

One of the most reliable ways to determine the realistic value of your property is by enlisting the services of a reputable estate agent. Estate agents possess in-depth knowledge of the local property market and have access to data on recent property sales and market trends. By conducting a thorough property valuation, estate agents can provide you with a comprehensive assessment of your property’s worth, considering factors such as location, size, condition, and comparable properties in the area. Moreover, estate agents can offer expert advice on how to maximize the value of your property before putting it on the market.

  1. Research Recent Comparable Sales

In addition to consulting an estate agent, conducting your research on recent comparable sales in your neighborhood is essential. Look for properties with similar characteristics to yours, such as size, layout, and condition, that have been sold recently. Analyzing the sale prices of these comparable properties can give you a good indication of the current market value of your home.

  1. Utilize Online Property Valuation Tools

Various online property valuation tools are available that can provide you with a preliminary estimate of your property’s value. While these tools can be helpful as a starting point, they may not consider all the nuances that an estate agent would when conducting an in-depth valuation. Therefore, use them with caution and as a supplementary resource to the valuation provided by an estate agent.

  1. Consider Property Improvements and Upgrades

Take into account any improvements or upgrades you have made to your property over the years. Renovations, modernized fittings, and energy-efficient installations can significantly enhance the value of your home. Be sure to mention these upgrades during the property valuation process, as they can positively impact the final valuation.

  1. Evaluate the Local Property Market

The state of the local property market is a crucial factor in determining the value of your property. Keep abreast of property market reports and trends in your area. Factors such as supply and demand, economic conditions, and government policies can all influence property prices.

  1. Factor in Location and Amenities

Location plays a pivotal role in property valuation. Consider the proximity of your property to schools, parks, public transportation, shopping centers, and other essential amenities. Properties located in desirable areas with access to various amenities tend to command higher values.

  1. Analyze Current Market Conditions

The current market conditions, whether it’s a buyer’s market or a seller’s market, can significantly impact property values. In a buyer’s market, where demand is low, properties may take longer to sell, and prices may be more negotiable. Conversely, in a seller’s market with high demand and limited inventory, properties can attract higher values.

  1. Take into Account Unique Features

If your property boasts unique features or characteristics that set it apart from others in the area, ensure they are considered during the valuation. Special features, such as a garden, a view, or historical significance, can add significant value to your property.


Determining the realistic value of your property in the UK is a multifaceted process that requires careful consideration of various factors. Seeking the expertise of a reputable estate agent and obtaining a free property valuation are fundamental steps to obtaining an accurate assessment. Additionally, conducting your research on recent comparable sales, considering property improvements, evaluating the local property market, and factoring in location and amenities all contribute to a comprehensive property valuation. By combining these strategies, you can gain a better understanding of your property’s worth and make informed decisions regarding its future.

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How Does The Size And Weight Of Furniture Affect Its Packaging?





Furniture packaging is crucial in ensuring its safe transportation from the manufacturer to the customer’s doorstep. The size and weight of furniture significantly impact the packaging process and the materials used to protect the item during transit. In this article, we will explore how the size and weight of furniture affect its packaging.

Size Considerations

Dimensional Constraints

The size of the furniture is a critical factor in determining the packaging design. Large furniture pieces, such as sofas, beds, or dining tables, may require custom packaging to accommodate their dimensions. The packaging must be designed to fit the furniture snugly without excessive empty spaces to prevent movement and potential damage during transit. Custom packaging helps ensure the furniture remains securely in place throughout its journey.

Disassembly Options

For furniture with substantial dimensions, disassembly options are often provided. This allows the furniture to be packed in smaller, more manageable components. Disassembling the furniture reduces the overall size, making it easier to package and transport. Manufacturers may include detailed instructions and necessary tools in the packaging to assist customers in reassembling the furniture at its destination.

Compactness and Efficiency

The size of furniture can also impact the efficiency of packaging. Manufacturers strive to optimize the packaging design to minimize wasted space and maximize efficiency. This can involve nesting smaller components within larger ones or utilizing modular packaging techniques for furniture in multiple pieces or sections. By ensuring the packaging is compact and efficient, manufacturers can reduce shipping costs and minimize the environmental impact of packaging materials. Find out the Article furniture packaging and how to choose the best furniture for you. 


Weight Considerations

Structural Integrity

The weight of furniture is a crucial factor in determining the level of structural integrity required in its packaging. Heavier furniture items, such as solid wood tables or large cabinets, require robust packaging materials to withstand weight and prevent breakage or deformation. Reinforced cardboard, thick foam inserts, and additional support structures commonly provide strength and stability.

Handling and Transportation

The weight of furniture also impacts the logistics and handling process during transportation. Heavy furniture may require specialized handling equipment, such as forklifts or pallet jacks, to safely load and unload the items. Packaging materials must be designed to withstand the weight and distribute it evenly to prevent damage to the furniture or injuries to the handlers. Clear labeling indicating the weight of the package helps ensure proper handling procedures are followed.

Shipping Costs

The weight of furniture can significantly affect shipping costs. Shipping companies often calculate rates based on the weight and dimensions of the package. Heavier furniture may incur higher shipping charges due to increased handling requirements and the need for additional packaging materials to ensure protection during transit. Manufacturers and retailers must consider these factors when determining the pricing and shipping options for their furniture items.



The furniture’s size and weight significantly impact its packaging design and materials used. Manufacturers carefully consider these factors to provide secure and efficient packaging solutions. Custom packaging may be employed for larger furniture items, allowing for a snug fit and minimizing movement during transit. Disassembly options make packaging more manageable and efficient. The furniture’s weight influences the packaging’s structural integrity and requires proper handling and transportation procedures. It also affects shipping costs and logistics considerations.

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Baby Gender Reveal Party





Congratulations on the soon-arrival of your bundle of joy! Prepare to start a new journey into parenthood with a memorable celebration – Baby Gender Reveal Party. Both exciting and nerve-wracking, nothing quite beats finding out whether you will be welcoming a boy or girl when they arrive. Let us help make this special occasion one that you’ll treasure forever by providing fun surprises and activities for family and friends to take part in as we welcome your child’s arrival together.


Organizing a gender reveal party can be an exciting experience for expecting parents. Not only is it a great way to share the big news with friends and family while celebrating your impending bundle of joy, but you also get the added bonus of coming up with creative ideas for making this special occasion even more memorable. Hosting such an event brings loved ones together in anticipation of welcoming their little ones into the world!

Are you planning an unforgettable gender reveal celebration? Whether it’s a low-key family dinner or a large-scale soiree we have just what you need! With our unique tips on how to create memorable décor and host fun games plus access to reliable professional service providers – together let us craft a special occasion that will remain etched in everyone’s memory forever.


Tips on how to do an excellent Baby Gender Reveal Party:


  1. Set an appointment with your doctor for the ultrasound

I suggest planning ahead for around 20 weeks into your pregnancy when doctors could already determine the gender. Instead of finding out right away, ask them to write it on paper and have it sealed in an envelope so you can make your own reveal that is special to you!


  1. Decide a theme that you want

When you’re planning a gender reveal party, it’s important to find an appropriate theme for the occasion. Consider something simple like pink and blue or explore creative motifs such as ocean themes, which could be perfect if you plan on swimming during the celebration! Make sure to add personal touches like signature food items so your guests take away special memories from your event. With careful consideration of all elements – decorations, a confetti popper, invitations & food – you’ll ensure everyone will have fun while discovering a baby’s gender in style! You can also make your party more personalized by adding signature drinks and snacks that tie up with the theme.


  1. Set the date and the venue

You should decide on the date and venue of the event soon after the ultrasound scan. That way you don’t have to rush in preparing all the items for the party.


  1. Send your invitations

Reaching out to friends and family with invitations is essential for them to be aware of your party. Purchasing pre-made or printable designs online, or crafting personalized ones provides plenty of options. Doing so at least weeks in advance will mean they have all the information needed regarding date, time and location – giving everyone enough notice to attend!


  1. Plan the decorations 

Some of the most used decorations for gender reveal parties include balloons, chairs, steamers, tables, and banners. In fact, blue and pink decorations are obvious at most events. You can also match the food with pink and blue dyes.


  1. Pick some activities 

Certain activities can make your gender party more interesting as well as enjoyable. Try hosting guessing games, matching games related to your theme, time capsule challenges and even diaper changing on dolls for fun. These are some great options to ensure all your guests enjoy special memories at this event!   


  1. Choose a Special Reveal Plan

Discover the gender of your baby in a memorable way with these fun and exciting options; From balloon box to pass the package and even gender reveal cake, you’ll have plenty of ways to show off that much anticipated moment. No matter which method you choose, it’s sure to add more drama and excitement to your special event! 


  1. Thank your guests

Make your gender reveal party memorable with a thoughtful, final touch of personalized goodie bags. Give guests something they can take home and remember the special moment you shared – like homemade cookies, sugar-coated popcorn, a bar of soap or even an engraved mug. Show them how much you appreciate their attendance by giving that extra little thank-you gift!

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